Nokia 7250 IXR Routers

Part Number Description

7250 IXR-R6 Chassis. 6 MDA slots, 2 CP/IOM slots, No fan module & filter, DC power and blanking plates included

7250 IXR-R6 fan tray. One per 7250 IXR-R6 system required

7250 IXR-R6 10 x 10GE SFP+ MDA. Pluggables sold separately.

7250 IXR-R6 1 x 100GE QSFP28 + 6 x 10GE SFP+ MDA. Pluggables sold separately.

7250 IXR-R6 CP/IOM.  Two required per system for control & fabric redundancy.

7250 IXR-R6 20 x GE cSFP MDA. Pluggables sold separately.

7250 IXR-R6 Rx.y s/w license

7250 IXR-R6 fan filter: 5-pack

7250 IXR-R6 CP/IOM impedance panel

7250 IXR-R6 MDA impedance panel

CBL - AC Power Cable, 250V, 3M, EUR

CBL - Open Ended AC Power Cable, 250V, 3M, EUR

RTU - IEEE 1588 PTP Freq and Time/Phase license. Applicable to 1588 Slave or Bourndary or Grandmaster Clocks. OAM performance can be improved with PTP time accuracy. One (1) OS License is required for each IXR-R6 in the network.

RTU - Integrated GNSS adapter for Grandmaster functionality. IXR-R6 retrieves clock from a GNSS satellite and becomes Grandmaster. One (1) license per IXR-R6 in the network

7250 IXR-R6 Accessory Kit Includes:
Mounting Hardware, Wrist Strap, 5' Null Cable DB9F - RJ45

SYS - 7250 IXR-s

PS - 7250 IXR AC Power Supply, fits the 7210 IXR-s system.

PS - 7250 IXR DC Power Supply, fits the IXR-s system.

Fan - 7250 IXR Fan, fits the 72509 IXR-s system.

Bundle Contains the following:
3HE11278AA qty 1
3HE11279AA qty 1
3HE11286AA qty 1
3HE11287AA qty 1
3HE11288AA qty 5
3HE11283AA qty 1
3HE12384AA qty 1

7250 IXR-s Release 13.1 Operating Software License. Notes: One Operating Software License is required for each IXR-s in the network. Includes programmed media with the Operating Software.

SYS - 7250 IXR-s AC Bundle contains:
(1) 3HE13343AA SYS - 7250 IXR-s
(1) 3HE13344AA AC Power Supply (s)
(6) 3HE13346AA 7250 IXR Fan (s)

SYS - 7250 IXR-s AC Bundle contains:
(1) 3HE13343AA SYS - 7250 IXR-s
(1) 3HE13345 DC Power Supply (s)
(6) 3HE13346AA 7250 IXR Fan(s)

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