Accessory Kits

Part Number Description

Power Cord, Argentina,C13 to IRAM 2073, 8 Feet (2.5m)

Power Cord, Australia,C13 to AS/NZS 3112, 8 Feet (2.5m)

Power Cord C13 to C14 (2m)

Power Cord, Europe,C13 to CEE 7/7, 8 Feet (2.5m)

Power Cord C13 to India (10A) 2m

Power Cord, Italy,C13 to CEI 23-16, 8 Feet (2.5m)

Power Cord, United Kingdom,C13 to BS 1363/A, 8 Feet (2.5m)

Power Cord, North America,C13 to NEMA 5-15P, 8 Feet (2.5m)

Power Cord C19 to India (16A) 2m

Spare SyncE to RJ45 adapater cable