Empowering Data Center Networks: Introducing the QFX5210-64C-AFO.

Juniper QFX5210-64C Switch at Terabitsystems.com

In the dynamic realm of data center networking, precision, reliability, and performance reign supreme. Meet the QFX5210-64C-AFO—a powerhouse designed to redefine networking architectures and elevate operational efficiency to new heights.

Unmatched Connectivity and Performance

The QFX5210-64C-AFO stands out with its impressive array of features. With a formidable 64 QSFP+/QSFP28 ports, this switch delivers unparalleled connectivity options, supporting 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, or 100GbE connections. Reduced latency ensures swift data processing, while the multitude of ports guarantees seamless scalability for evolving networking needs.

Redundancy and Reliability: Core Principles

Built on the foundation of redundancy, the QFX5210-64C-AFO ensures uninterrupted operations. Equipped with redundant fans and powered by 2 AC power supplies, this switch mitigates the risk of downtime, ensuring reliability in mission-critical environments. The front-to-back airflow mechanism not only enhances cooling efficiency but also contributes to the switch's overall reliability.

Efficient Design, Powerful Performance

Compact yet powerful, the QFX5210-64C-AFO is engineered for optimized space utilization. Within its sleek form factor, this switch houses a robust architecture primed to meet the demands of modern networking environments. Size details reveal a depth of 24.1 inches (61.2 cm), fitting seamlessly within data center infrastructures without compromising performance or reliability.

Unlocking Networking Potential

At Terabit Systems, the QFX5210-64C Switch isn't just another piece of hardware in our inventory; it embodies our commitment to delivering products that redefine networking capabilities. Check out the QFX5210-64C-AFO to unlock the potential for a connected, high-performance network that effortlessly adapts to the evolving demands of your data center.

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November 15, 2023